Contractors with expertise in all aspects of groundwork

It’s important in any construction project that all preparatory work is undertaken to the highest standards. This is likely to include excavations, laying foundations and drainage and sewage works. As specialist groundworks contractors, we have worked with a diverse range of clients from local authorities to large infrastructure groups.

Our work adheres to the British standard and is guaranteed between 2 and 5 years. Furthermore all our work is covered up to tune of £10,000,000.

Laying Foundations and Underpinning

Excavation Work


Ensuring that foundations are strong enough to hold up a structure is imperative to the building of a new project and to the continued use of an existing structure. Specialising in concrete foundations, we can construct a wide range of hollow and solid section piled foundation types including rotary, under-ream and driven foundations. In addition, we can strengthen/underpin existing foundations to ensure a structure is safe and to improve its longevity.


Utilising underground space through excavation work can be ideal for swimming pools, underground car parks or multi-storey buildings. Fully qualified excavators for any size of project, we can ensure that work is delivered to an agreed deadline and to exacting standards. We can organise all grading, shaping, muck away services and waste removal services.

About Us

Trading for more than three decades, Reading Asphalt are specialists in surfacing and groundworks committed to providing a high quality of work and personal service. We believe that asking contractors to complete all works to exacting standards and at a fair price isn’t a tall order, it’s something you should expect. Our family run business believes in these back-to-basics values of honesty, affordability and durability to keep our customers satisfied and to maintain a reputation of excellence we have worked hard to achieve.

Based in Berkshire we accept one-off and contract work throughout the county, but also invite work from neighbouring counties including Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. Both domestic, commercial and industrial clients are welcome to do business with us and we will be happy to discuss your project with you in-depth.