Surfacing using high grade materials for a range of applications

When choosing surfacing for any outdoor project, you’ll be looking for materials that are hard wearing and weather resistant all year round. You may also be looking at other factors including flexibility, cost or sustainability when choosing the right material for your project. Whether you’re a contractor looking to lay a new road or a homeowner wanting to drop kerbs and create a new driveway, Reading Asphalt can provide high grade materials appropriate to your project and undertake all work to exacting standards.

All work carried out by Reading Asphalt is completed to the highest British standard and guaranteed for between 2 and 5 years. We carry public liability insurance of £10,000,000 cover on all works.



Driveways & Drop Kerbs


Car Parks

Sports Grounds


When considering an appropriate material for your road surface project, resistance from constant heavy pressure should be a key consideration. A variety of materials that meet this condition are in common use including macadam and asphalt - and previously concrete, although it is now considered far from ideal. For building roads and road maintenance, we recommend asphalt as the most preferred method of surfacing amongst highways engineers and road architects. In addition to withstanding pressure from mobile and stationary traffic, other benefits from using asphalt include: Flexibility to prevent cracks or breaking in different weather conditions Easy to remove and replace if repairs are required Fully sustainable and can be 100% recycled Resistance ensures motorists ride in comfort Insulation properties reduce road noise levels No need for regular maintenance


Block paving is an affordable material for a variety of projects whether you plan to create a decorative patio space or driveway, build a narrow path, or use for more heavy duty purposes such as estate roads or freight yards - as a viable alternative to asphalt or macadam. Block paving is available in slabs, moulded concrete blocks and kiln-fired clay bricks. These materials are ideal for creating original decorative designs in a variety of colours. Other benefits to block paving include: Low maintenance compared to the maintenance of most gardens Easy to maintain and repair if necessary Affordable alternative to asphalt and macadam Long lasting in moderate and extreme weather conditions Increase value and appeal of your property


Increasingly homeowners are looking to park their car on their own property, rather than parking on the roadside. Should you have the permission from your local authority, driveways (planning permission only needed if using impermeable surfacing) and drop kerbs can provide you with parking space and an attractive, low maintenance entry to the front of your home. You can choose from either a smooth tarmac driveway or concrete bricks/blocks. Benefits of choosing tarmac: Easy to install and quick to lay Incredibly strong and durable through the harshest conditions Easy to maintain and repair Benefits of choosing concrete: Non-slip surface, no skidding Tough and long lasting through any weather condition Minimal maintenance makes concrete long term cost effective As well as installing new driveways and dropping kerbs, we can also refurbish and restore your driveway including the removal of moss, algae and weeds and repairing joints.


Ideal for relaxing with a book or dining with friends in the summer months, a patio space provides the perfect place to enjoy your garden. Outdoor furniture including table and chairs can easily rest on the surface unlike grass where the furniture could sink. You can choose from a selection of weather resistant materials including stone, concrete pavers, poured concrete, tile or brick. Choosing the best material for your budget and patio longevity With a broad range of materials providing durability, strength, flexibility and low maintenance, your new patio can come in on budget and give you an attractive looking outdoor space for years to come. For those on a high budget, brick and natural stone patio pavers have the most redeeming qualities of any patio material. For those on a moderate budget, quality concrete pavers are the best value option available. For those on a tight budget, poured concrete is an affordable choice and a strong material, although more susceptible to cracking than dearer alternatives. As well as installing new driveways and dropping kerbs, we can also refurbish and restore your driveway including the removal of moss, algae and weeds and repairing joints.


Like road building, car park surfacing requires a durable surface that can withstand constant heavy pressure from vehicles. There are also demands on non-sheltered, outdoor car parks to adjust to diverse weather conditions. Under these metrics, asphalt is the ideal solution for a smooth car park surface or macadam as a viable alternative. The benefits of using asphalt also include: Flexibility prevents cracks or breakages in the surface Easy to make repairs or replace if required 100% recycling friendly No need for regular maintenance


Professional athletes and casual sports players alike need sports surfaces that can be relied upon for durability, flexibility and high performance - as much as the participants themselves. Your venue could benefit from the expertise and quality of workmanship of our team in providing specialist sports surfaces. Whatever the requirements demanded on the surface, we can suggest appropriate options for Indoor or outdoor, non-slip, turfed or solid surfaces. Choose from a broad range of sports surfaces: Polymeric rubber surfaces - suitable for race tracks and MUGA (multi-use games areas) Turfed surfaces (natural and artificial) - suitable for rugby, football, soccer etc. Sand surfaces - suitable for 'beach' style events such as volleyball and netball PVC surfaces - suitable for gymnasiums and racquet sports such as tennis, badminton and squash Wooden surfaces - suitable for many indoor sports, popular for indoor basketball courts.

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Trading for more than three decades, Reading Asphalt are specialists in surfacing and groundworks committed to providing a high quality of work and personal service. We believe that asking contractors to complete all works to exacting standards and at a fair price isn’t a tall order, it’s something you should expect. Our family run business believes in these back-to-basics values of honesty, affordability and durability to keep our customers satisfied and to maintain a reputation of excellence we have worked hard to achieve.

Based in Berkshire we accept one-off and contract work throughout the county, but also invite work from neighbouring counties including Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. Both domestic, commercial and industrial clients are welcome to do business with us and we will be happy to discuss your project with you in-depth.